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Health & Safety

Adhering to health and safety polices is vital for ensuring sustainability and it is essential to ensure that your business does not endanger the health or safety of workers or clients nor damage the environment.

Complying to health and safety guidelines and standards that are relevant to your industry, is of paramount importance for you to be able to trade in the global marketplace.

Throughout our network of health and safety experts, we have comprehensive experience of occupational hygiene, industrial hygiene, hospitality services and occupational health and safety management. Using standards such as OHSAS 18001, we offer training, assessments, monitoring, inspections and certification, to help you assess risks and potential hazards and identify measures to mitigate them. Our professional facilities and laboratories are available 24 hours a day for impartial testing, and prompt service.

At Meadowbank Shotblasting & Coating Limited, we can give you the assurance you need that your health and safety management meet the highest standards for any industry or sector. Contact us to find out how we can help you maintain global best practice for health and safety management.

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