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Compliance Specifications

Meadowbank Shotblasting & Coatings Limited ensure that all products meet our client’s full expectations and working within the parameters of the specification.

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Protective Coatings

We apply coatings to a range of requirements, whether it be a multi-coat system, an architectural finish, or intumescent coatings for structural steelwork.

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Quality Standards

“ISO 9001:2015 Standards” and Parameters we adhere to for Shotblasting & Protective Coating Applications.

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Meadowbank Shotblasting & Coatings carries out shot blasting for a number of industries.

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Fabrication Services

We provide an extensive range of products and fabrication services.

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Metal Spraying

Metal Spraying (also known as Thermal Spraying) is a process used to apply pure Zinc, pure Aluminium or various alloys to a blast cleaned surface.

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