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Product Safety

Whatever your product, it is vital to make sure it is safe.

Making sure that your products comply with product safety regulations and contain no hazardous substances is essential in order to bring them into a supply chain or marketplace. Trade is often dependent on proof of compliance and product safety, and not having the right testing, verification and certification in place can cause delay and, in some cases, damage to your bottom line.

At Meadowbank Shotblasting & Coating Limited, we know that you need product safety guaranteed by an independent, impartial third party. We will test your product and your processes and use our facilities to provide you with the verification you need. We offer a prompt, professional service with a level of transparency that gives you the assurance that your products comply with existing rules and regulations.

Our specialist safety teams are based in South Yorkshire the United Kingdom and maintain experience of every industry and sector to bring you a service you can trust to make sure that your product meets the safety regulations required.

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